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Welcome to Dawn of a New Era Podcast – Chronicles of a Serial Entrepreneur a business podcast with a difference, where each and every week I share my real life experiences and stories as an entrepreneur from the good to the bad to ugly and the pains, problems and pitfalls I face as a business owner. I will be there to support you on the sometimes lonely journey as an entrepreneur and bring you tips, tools and insights on how to overcome challenges faced as a business owner so you can gain clarity and confidence around how to achieve your business goals and dreams.

Dawn McGruer:

Hi, I’m Dawn McGruer and welcome to Dawn of a New Era the podcast; Chronicles of a Serial Entrepreneur. And yes, this is a business podcast, but one with a real difference, because guess what? I’m going to share with you some of my real life stories. All about being an entrepreneur and my journey over the past 20 years. Setting up and starting businesses, managing and running them. But more importantly about scaling and growing the business that I truly wanted. Because, let’s face it, in business today, it’s difficult. And we all started our businesses with a passion, with a mission and a vision. But they don’t always turn out that way. And this is about sharing with you each and every week, short, sharp bursts of my key tips, my tools and my trends and insights that can really inspire and invigorate to help you on your entrepreneurial journey and be a good business owner. Because I wish at 21, when I started my business, I’d had a mentor, a coach, someone to help me navigate through these challenges.

Dawn McGruer:

Now, I’ve learned a lot over the past 20 years and I’ve experienced some great successes, some amazing highs in business, but also some pretty epic disasters and some pretty epic lows. It can be quite solo and isolating and a bit lonely being an entrepreneur at times, and it’s had an impact on my life. But what I’ve learned is really around three core areas. Looking at marketing, looking at motivation and mindset. And once I learned some key areas around how to harness these in my business, I became a really empowered business owner. And I changed the way that I looked at my business, the way that I ran my life and also the way that my days were.

Dawn McGruer:

Now, as a business owner, we’re experts in our own field. We start our business, we have this mission, we have this vision and we have a passion that goes with it. But no one geared us up for all of the things that we would experience as a business owner. There is a lot to consider and there’s a lot to contend with. And I think in business today, it’s challenging. It’s never going to be easy, but what we can’t lose sight of is why we set up our businesses in the first place. What did our vision look like ultimately? And yes, day to day, it’s about achieving goals in business, but more importantly, it’s about achieving the dream. And having the business that allows you to have the choices or the dreams that you wanted. Whether that’s freedom, whether that’s time with your family. Whatever your business goals are, they have to align with those dreams. And we only live once.

Dawn McGruer:

So join me each and every week on my podcast. I promise you, it will be a rocky road, a journey, and a story that will definitely change the way you think about business. But hopefully, it will give you the clarity and confidence about your business, because sometimes just knowing that someone else has been through it and how to overcome it is something that just gets us through the day and moves us to the next step. So let’s work together on our businesses. Join me each and every week and I will be sharing some hopefully inspiring ways that will change the way your business and entrepreneurial journey looks like.


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