Ep 016: The 5 Most Important Things in Life

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Episode 16 – The 5 Most Important Things in Life

In today’s episode we will talk about the importance of making clear what really matters to you and we will go through the 5 most important things in life.

We get so caught up in the hustle and the bustle of work and business, and we’re just pushing all the time. Sometimes taking a step back and looking at why we are doing this, and what matters to us is very important. 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{01:19} The importance of making every moment matter

{3:38} Ask yourself these questions

{5:04} The 5 most important things in life

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So welcome to episode 16. I cannot believe we have done 16 episodes. And this is my podcast, which is entitled Dawn of a New Era – Chronicles of a Serial Entrepreneur. And the reason for that is it’s dedicated to business owners and for anybody who is working in a role or a business and is looking to achieve their goals.

Now, in this particular podcast, we’re going to talk about something that you might find a bit woo-woo, but this is so important and something that’s been really weighing on my mind since COVID, lockdown, etc. And it’s all about what matters in your life, and on what do we get caught up on. And I’ve felt myself really letting go of things quite recently, in terms of things that just don’t matter, what is important. We get so caught up in the hustle and the bustle of work and business, and we’re just pushing, pushing, and pushing, all the time. And really, sometimes taking a step back and looking at, why are we even doing this? And I certainly have been doing this myself because, what does matter?

Now, I think probably me stepping back and looking at this past year for 2020, and now starting to think about 2021, one of the things I’m thinking is, is that I really want to make every moment matter. And I’m done with the whole traditional process of sitting at a desk and working, working, working. And this is something that years ago, I’ve tried to shift, where I take breaks. And I think the thing is, sometimes we feel guilty if we walk away from our desks or we go for a walk, we do something different. And it’s something that I try and I do well at and then I fall back into the whole grind. And I really want to step away.

So over the next four weeks, I am setting myself a task and you guys can come and join me if you like. I will be doing this and reporting on this in the Business Consort – Marketing, Motivation and Mindset group in Facebook. And this is about making every moment matter and looking at what I’m doing in my week. And thinking at the beginning of the week, what do I want to achieve, at the end of the week, did I achieve it, how do I feel about it and recognizing some of the successes and also some of the fails and moving past that. Because quite often I’ve realized that I’m holding on to things too long, things that have gone on in the past that we can’t change. And even if you are not feeling the most positive about business at the moment, there are things that you need to remember that you’ve done and things that you need to remember that you’ve done really well.

So for me, what’s really changed the way I feel this week is delivering our three-day Fast Track. So during lockdown, we couldn’t deliver in June and we normally do our three-day Fast Track Academy in March. And then we do it again in June and then October. So thankfully in October, I did this in Manchester and London and the energy it gives me is just so much. I had forgotten how it feels to deliver in-person training, albeit very socially distanced and all two meters apart. But it’s the having the laugh and the joke. And this is something that I really like, and this is something that I’m trying to translate a little bit more into live events.

So taking professional training, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sense of humor, but I’m trying to translate it more in my day-to-day life, because it really does give you energy. I want to start thinking about making every moment matter. I’ve got to think at the end of the day, did I actually enjoy my day? Did it energize me? Did it just weigh me down? How do I feel? Am I happy? And am I doing something that is authentic to me that relates to my soul and what I’m really here for? And it does sound a bit woo-woo. But I really want to think about my purpose and what I’m setting out to do.

And this is something that I’ve done this week. I’ve set back some time to look at what my mission and vision is for 2020 and really update that and look at what invigorates me, what makes me happy, what is going to make every moment matter to me and also what aligns to my values and my experiences? And some of the things that I’ve gone through in business have really, really taken it out of me. And you don’t realize that until you sit and think about it and think about how you feel about it. Sometimes I felt like I’ve climbed Everest, got to the summit just about to touch it and then slid right the way back down again. And this is something that we probably have all experienced where you’ve been successful. Some things worked and you keep climbing and climbing and climbing, and then something knocks you down.

And I do talk about this a lot in my podcasts, but these are kind of the five things that I really feel that we need to remember and focus on. And this is something that I’ve created the worksheet for, so that you can look at this and really think about where are you in your journey and where do you score? So love is definitely one that matters in life and love does make the world go round. And that’s not just in your family, in your friends, but it’s also in your work. You don’t want anything to feel threatened and you don’t want to feel that you’ve lost your love or your passion for something. We need to reignite that. And I think this is something that, because we’ve been through such a difficult time this year, I think it’s something that we need to sit down and look at. Are you still passionate about what you do? Do you still wake up every single day, just loving, relishing, wanting to go to work? And how do you feel?

Secondly, happiness. So close your eyes for a moment and think back to the last time that you were truly, truly happy. And just sit with that feeling for a minute and see what it feels like. Because when I’ve done this, this week, I realized that I’ve had to go a bit further back than I wanted. And one of the things that did pop up is that I loved being out and about. I loved meeting people in person and connecting with people. That’s really where my energy is spurred from.

So number three is connection. And just to take in a deep breath and thinking about the connections around you in those relationships and what’s positive, what’s negative, what is something that you want to spend more time on and focus on?

And then looking at the fourth one, which is creation. Now I’ve realized definitely, and I can even tell by the way that I’m speaking about it now is I love creating. I absolutely love creating. So one day a week, I have a day where I just record and I create, and I sit and I mess around with stuff because one of the things that I really miss is that when I’ve got time to puddle around, and this is not about wasting time, but I get some of my best ideas when I’ve just got time to work on something, to move it around and redesign pages, look at funnels, look at how people are coming into my world and how I’m nurturing those people through. And just how I’m keeping in touch with people, how I’m showing up online and just stepping back and taking this bird’s eye view, that makes me feel really energized because I start remembering everything I’ve done, what’s working. And then when I get immersed in a project, I get excited about it and it reinvigorates me.

And then my last one, which is kindness. Kindness is something that you meet so many people. And even if I think back on the past year, it’s been a turbulent time for me, for sure. And for many others around me. But when people show you kindness, you do connect in a different way and kindness can be through business because kindness is about people understanding where you’re at. Kindness is about just helping people, but not actually having to do anything, just reaching out and just sending a little message. And this is something that I’ve really focused on.

And honestly, I can’t get it out of my mind that some of the people that I thought this year would have my back and would show up for me, haven’t. And do you know what? I think that really hurts for a while. And I think it does make you emotional because the people that you’ve invested in and you’ve put time in, you expect the same back. And then I realized that you shouldn’t put time in and expect anything back. Yes, it would be lovely, but sometimes you have to walk away from relationships. Sometimes you have to walk away because people haven’t shown you kindness. And this is something in work that I am definitely taking forward. And this is really at the center of my mind each and every day about just showing a random act of kindness and talking to someone. And thinking, have you done any good in the world today in terms of helping someone, showing them kindness? And it’s just sometimes just one little text message, one little voice note, one little connection, just something just to show them that you’re there.

And I think that this is going to be really important over the coming months, because as much as we all want to go out and earn lots of money and we want to go and achieve our goals, let’s just take it down a notch. And let’s just be really honest with ourselves. At the end of the day, if you’re not showing up and you’re loving what you’re doing, if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing and building connections that are authentic to you and your values, and if you’re not creating whatever it is, whether it’s content or creating process in business, whatever your passion is and showing kindness, these are the things that make us good human beings. And it’s all very well being a business owner. And it’s all very well showing up, doing lives, telling people that you’re going to move their world forward. They’re going to earn lots of money. They’ll reach a level of money that they want to earn. But really, what is more important?

Well, the most important things of life, yes, money makes the world go round. Money gives you choices, but fundamentally you live once. You show up in life once. You have this one opportunity to be happy. And thinking about what is it that you want? It doesn’t always have to be focused around money. Yes, profitable customers are what we want, but each person has their scale. And it’s relative to what you want, whether you want a lifestyle business. I’m not really keen on that term, but what is it that you want because each person’s life, someone’s lifestyle business could be 10 million a year. Someone’s lifestyle business could be 100,000 or 50,000.

So what really matters to you and all these people that are around you? Are they creating a positive influence on those things? Is your community and connections that you have and your audience making you feel positive? And again, look at your clients. My clients energize me and there is nothing better for me, and this is something that I realized quite early on is that I never really understood what success was and I’m not entirely sure I do now, but I’m somewhere in between. I know that to be successful, the things that invigorates me and the things that make me really, really happy, are when a client comes to me and I’ve known where they wanted to go and they’ve got there. And that could be achieving a qualification. It could be completing a process. It could be anything. But just knowing that I was part of that journey is something that I obviously align to. And it’s something that I need in my life because it gives me a positive.

But it’s not always, as I say, about the money. And I think this is really important to think. So go to the worksheet and just sit and just see how you feel about these five areas. And honestly, you’ll make some changes. All I want you to do is on the worksheet, note down some ideas, some things that just spring into your mind, if you’re sitting there closing your eyes, just feeling, just put those feelings onto paper, right? And take control of them and either move past anything that’s negative, and think about how you can side swipe it out of your life. And then on the positive, embrace all the things that are, and just start thinking about what is important every day. Don’t get caught up on all the small stuff, the irritants. Move past them. Step past that and focus on the things that are important. Small wins can have big impact and it’s all about momentum.

For me, marketing is not something that stays. Marketing, motivation, and mindset, these are things for me that are all emotion and they’re all moving at the same time. Maybe at different paces, because sometimes I’m more motivated. Sometimes my mindset needs more work and sometimes my marketing does. But these three things, these three core pillars for me are things that I sit and think about all day long, subconsciously maybe some of the time. But when I sit down consciously and do things like this worksheet and look at these five things, it really helps me. And it really helps me guide how I’m going to take me, my business, my life, my family, my friends forward.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s podcast and I will see you on next week’s podcast. Come and join me in the group. And don’t forget to download the podcast in iTunes so that you get notified for each and every episode and you don’t miss a week. You can always catch up, just go to dawnmcgruer.com, click on podcast and every single podcast and worksheet is there ready for you to access. So have an amazing week. Take care, guys. And enjoy the spreadsheet.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and don’t forget, I’m going to be with you each and every week. So download and listen on dawnmcgruer.com or on iTunes and come and join us in our Facebook community too. All the details are on the website. And I’ll see you next week.


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