Episode 17: A Properly Branded Business

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In today’s episode I will talk about branding and why it’s a powerful asset for your business. It’s the foundation of every service and product you give to customers. 

The company’s branding usually begins with a logo, but quite often, companies don’t realise the importance of a properly branded business: every landing page, every piece of content is all about the consumer, and needs to be fluid and clear. 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:17} Why your brand is important

{3:59} Your brand is the foundation of your business

{6:47} How to protect your brand: register and trademark

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Welcome to episode 17 of Dawn of a New Era, the podcast chronicles of a serial entrepreneur with myself, Dawn McGruer, where I’ll be sharing as a business owner my challenges, struggles some of my successes, as well as pitfalls, along the way. And in today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about how important is your brand. Now don’t get confused with your logo and your corporate identity, the color scheme that you utilize on your website, a brand is so much more. A branding links your name, logo, online presence, products, and services, everything together so that you appeal to the masses. It makes your marketing consistent, and it helps create this online presence that is consistent for every piece of content across every single channel. And this brings this united and clear message to customers and future partnerships, as well as competitors, because people will judge you.

And it’s the old adage of don’t judge a book by its cover. But you know what? When it comes to branding people will because it’s the first thing they will see. They don’t get to see the people in the business. They don’t get to even talk to the people in the business. They will make a decision about what they feel about your brand, because at the end of the day, perception is everything. Branding gives companies, a chance to let customers see the business folk who you really are. And this is a chance to be honest and open about what the company actually stands for, what its mission and vision is and what it represents. So it’s all about the look and feel and the message conveyed because your brand will have an impact on the emotion of your viewer and also the visitors to your website and the people who are absorbing your content.

Now, your branding is a massive, massive asset. And at the end of the day, when you’re showing up online, presenting your business, this plays a huge part in it. And the worth is just not just about revenue you’re generating, but it’s how you position your company and your brand online. And this is showing every aspect of the identity of the business. And this should be something that is fluid across the channels. And branding makes this difference between revenue and sales and debt and liquidation. And the reason for it is because it helps position your proposition. It gives clarity and it builds confidence because it really does help sales, and it helps you sell your business. And you’ll make money on how people feel because brand marketing strategies are all about really positioning your products and services and laying out to a customer so that they feel tempted to test you out and that they see the results and they determine whether they’re going to make a purchase with you, what it’s going to be.

And then when we think about it, your branding is a proclamation. You are standing up there and saying, “This is what I am and this is what we’re going to do.” Even when you’re showing up and telling your brand’s story, this is something that needs to be translated in your branding because the brand is everything that you create. Every piece of content is your brand. And to make the company stand out, you need to really have that connection with your customers because if you don’t have strong, clear branding, you will confuse the customers. And we all know what happens when you confuse customers. They walk away. So if you’re not willing to kind of make promises and keep them and over deliver and exceed customer expectations, then your branding shouldn’t feel like that.

Your branding is a structure. It’s the foundation, the epitome of everything that you give, be a product or a service. And brand loyalty is all about how you make customers feel. And this will be through good or bad times. And it’s about spreading this positive message. They will feel influenced by what your company does. Now, one of the things that people get confused with is that branding and corporate identity, if you have products and services, for instance, each product, each service should have its own branding, something that really sells and identifies the pains and challenges that that customer is experiencing. So it’s llmost singing to them about why they need your product service and why they need you, because it’s about trust and it’s about getting customers to really get to know you. The more they trust you, the more they’ll spend, and branding really has to be spot on because branding gives them the feel about what exceptional customer service or experience that they’re going to have.

And it gives this positive online communication across every single channel. And this is going to be even more important year in, year out, because there are more businesses online than ever before. Digital marketing is at the hub of every business, and so is content. Content drives everything. And when you have good branding, it becomes very easy to get into flow because everyone in your team, even if you’re an individual, your suppliers will buy into this and your customers will get the feel and flavor for what you positioned yourself for. And this is where the time, the effort that put into it really pays off because your branding is an extension of you in terms of the people it reaches and how people talk about your business and how people feel about it. And at the end of the day, as I said, it’s an asset. So this will have an impact on the value of your business as well.

But don’t forget to protect your branding. Now, when I created my book, Dynamic Digital Marketing, yes, it’s in my corporate identity and my colors, my brand, and that was really important to me that it was consistent with the look and the feel of the academy and the website and everything sung together so it was cohesive, because if someone’s reading a book and you’re talking to them about digital marketing and online marketing strategies, that book they’re buying into the author, but the brand, and also the trust and positioning that you have. So the branding is important in terms of someone choosing a book cover, nevermind anything else.

Now, the content is all about a framework that I created for my business within the academy. And the reason this is so, so important is because when you create something like a framework, like my Dynamic Digital Marketing model, you need to copyright it. You need to have branding that has a trademark that you register. And yes, as soon as we create content, it becomes ours, it’s copywritten. But you do not want to create this valuable asset that for me is the absolute fluid and foundation of everything I stand for and everything I teach at our academy. But I need it to be positioned and protected. And by registering this, it doesn’t take long.

And in this week’s worksheet, I’m going to show you how to register and trademark your asset, your models, frameworks, wherever it is, that’s important to your business, because how disastrous would it be that if you’ve invested so much of time, effort, and money and someone copies it. And do you know what? I see it more and more on social media, people taking things from our website, people taking things from content. But the thing is I can confidently know that no one can recreate my model, the contents of my book. It will be mine forever. And it’s there, certified in stone that no one else can take it. And this is something that is not only valuable asset to your business, but is an absolute must.

So think about your brand identity and how customers get to know you, what they feel about you. The importance of branding with your business cannot be overstated, I promise you. Branding is this whole perception and this blueprint of what your business is. And once you’re super clear on it, your content flows. The way you position your business and your customer service, everyone feels it. And it’s a living moving, breathing thing, as much as you think is a static entity. It will evolve and it’s dynamic and it will just get better and better. The clearer you get, the more customers you work with, then the longer your business has been in existence. And it’s all about this lasting impression. And this is going to be something that solidifies the difference between you and your competitor. The difference between you standing out from the crowd and doing well.

So company’s branding usually begins with a logo, but quite often, companies don’t realize the importance of this properly branded business, whereby every landing page, every piece of content is all about the consumer. And it’s creating this really immersive experience that’s just driving digital experience. So please, please, please check out the checklist for this week’s podcast about how to secure your brand identity and make sure that the biggest, strongest asset in the world that you created stays yours and stays protected.

So I hope you enjoy the podcast and I will see you on the next week’s episode. But don’t forget, come and join me in the group, Business Consort: Marketing, Motivation and Mindset on Facebook and follow me on all the normal channels. And if you’ve not already, subscribe to the podcast at dawnmcgruer.com.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode, and don’t forget I’m going to be with you each and every week. So download and listen on dawnmcgruer.com or on iTunes, and come and join us in our Facebook community too. All the details are on the website and I’ll see you next week.


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