Episode 30: The Power Of Podcasting

Podcasting is on the rise and it has been transformational for my business and brand. In this episode we’re talking all about the power of podcasting and how it could really help you in your own business too.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{4:23} Figuring out your podcast launch strategy and format

{4:40} How podcasting has changed my business and brand

{6:50} Attracting guests to your podcast

{7:32} Putting your podcast at the center of your content strategy

{8:36} Podcasts are easy for people to listen to on the go

{11:17} Presenting yourself powerfully online

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Welcome to episode 30 of Dawn of a new era, the Chronicles of a serial entrepreneur with myself, Dawn McGruer. And in this episode, we’re going to be focusing on something really, really out for podcasting. We’re going to be looking at the power of podcasting, because guess what?

We are Celebrating one Epic moment in time, a milestone that I could not be prouder of. What is that milestone? It is that we have just reached Dawn of a new era. The podcast has just reached the top 10% in terms of global ranking. Now I am sure you’re going to agree that since we started in just July, 2020, I mean, a matter of months ago to actually get the podcast into that ranking is something that I am super, super proud of. And I can’t tell you how excited I am, because as we grow as a podcast, as we grow in listeners, the more and more people we reach and we inspire, and we’re talking about all things to do with marketing, motivation and mindset. Now, when we talk about the power of podcasting, if we consider that there are 1.9 million podcasts in the world, I mean, that’s huge, but it’s still a relatively new type of media and one that some people are just getting into.

You know, if you are perhaps listening to your first ever podcast this week, you’re maybe just kind of getting into this because people are using them to really inspire them, to educate and to motivate. And I think what’s fascinating about podcasting is that it’s super easy to get started. There’s so many people out there talking to you about doing social media, getting on this medium and getting on that platform, but does podcasting actually impact on your business? It’s a big question that I’m asked day in day out. And does it take a lot of time and effort to get one going well, in short I started my podcast in a matter of weeks now I decided to start it because it’d been on my to-do list for many, many, many years. And I just needed to kind of, you know, reach out through this medium because I knew it would be something that I really, really enjoyed doing because I love creating content.

Now, each and every day, I would always see myself as a content creator, somebody who is creating maybe training, I could be speaking online. I could in fact, be recording my podcast or it could be any type of content on social media. Now the world feels saturated in just so much content and I want to do something different. And this is where my podcast has really, really changed. Not just the way that I do business, but my whole business and brand. And this is the power of podcasting because getting a podcast out is relatively simple. You just need access to a mic and a recording tool. Now I use audacity and a road, Mic, R O D E. Now these are, um, you know, my friends are available on Amazon and, um, the super easy they just plug in and then you open up audacity and you have the ability to take your voice and record it.

Now, after that, once you’ve got a podcast host somewhere to actually put the podcast for someone to awesome. It’s relatively simple, in terms of getting it launched. Now, you’ve got an idea. You’re passionate about something you want to talk about something, your niche, then you come up with a title. And then obviously the branding. Now you’ll see my podcast on of new era Chronicles of a serial entrepreneur. We talk about everything. These three topics, marketing, motivation, and mindset, and my podcast is all about entrepreneurship. And it could be for inspired, um, uh, entrepreneurs, people who, um, are really sort of in their new journey. They’re aspiring to kind of get into starting their new business. It could be for seasoned entrepreneurs or CEOs. It doesn’t matter now. Yes, I’ve got a broad audience, but my podcast kind of says what it does on the tin who it’s for and what you’re going to get.

Now, once you’ve got your branding in place, that’s super powerful. It’s super strong. It’s a case of then recording the podcasts and obviously having some form of launch strategy and distributing it, whether you’re going to record it each and every week and then getting it out into different directories. So you can find my podcast on Stitcher, Apple, uh, Google podcasts, like literally you name it. You can find it anywhere. And again, if you were to search for Dawn of a new era and Google, you would find it there, but why has podcasting changed my business and brand? Well, it has allowed me to stand forward in the most authentic way that I truly believe I’ve ever, ever shown up in business. And what I’m saying here is, is that the way I record my podcast is the way I speak. It’s, it’s a true reflection of what my personality actually is.

Day-to-day and I feel that, you know, it’s, it’s a way of me really building this relationship and resonating with my audience and listeners, and it’s bringing me closer. But what is actually done is it’s brought to me opportunities that I could never even have, you know, wished for, planned for, thought of, you know, the, the types of, of collaborations that have come from the podcast are unreal. Now someone said to me, should I start a podcast? Will it change my business will it impact? Absolutely. But it’s all about timing. You’ve got to do what’s right for you. For me, I have got business consort, the digital and social media Academy. It’s been going since 2005, we have trained 29,000 students. So I’ve got a longstanding business that I have the luxury to stand back from a little bit. I also have my personal brand Dawn McGruer. So I am an author.

I am a speaker, I’m a podcaster and a trainer and strategist. Now under that brand, this is where my podcast has been super powerful because it has allowed me to take relationships to a different level. And it’s allowed me to build relationships with people that maybe I wouldn’t have had necessarily a reason to talk to. So what do I mean by this? Well, by having a podcast that is featuring in the top 10% globally is pretty Epic. Yeah. But it gives people another reason to come on and be a guest, because guess what? My podcast is reaching, a lot of people, it’s influencing a lot of people and I’m building a, you know, listeners day in, day out and downloads and subscribes, but there’s a long way to go yet, but it means I can get my foot in the door. It means that, you know, I can go to people and say, would you like to appear on my podcast?

It gives me that door opener. It gives me the power of saying, well, look, I can give you something. If you give me something, you know, and it’s a, win-win, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. And there’s absolutely no way that once we’ve marketed a guests, we’ve, we’ve invited a guest onto the podcast and done the interview that we’re not going to have a positive, because guess what? That person who’s featuring on my podcast will be sharing it too. You know, we record all of the interviews, live on video and we stream them through Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Now that’s very powerful in itself in terms of creating content, but what my podcast has done, it’s become the center of my content strategy. And it’s super simple because it doesn’t take a lot of time. It takes me literally, uh, you know, say, let’s say 60 minutes a week in terms of getting my podcasts done.

And yes, I have a pretty Epic, um, production team who are behind it. And obviously the publicity team who are helping in terms of getting me on to podcasts and inviting guests on, but starting the podcast and getting out there, if you think about it, that my podcast started at the end of July during lockdown, it hit number 17 on the entrepreneurship charts on launch. And I never done podcast before. You know, it was brand new to me. So it doesn’t mean it’s going to be difficult and an amazing fact is that anybody can start a podcast. You know, for me, podcasting will be one of the mediums that’s growing and growing throughout 2021, 2022 and so on because the power of voice is pretty outstanding, because guess what, you can pick me up and you can take me anywhere. So this is one of the most flexible mediums I can connect with my audience because you can listen any time, anywhere 24/7, anywhere in the globe.

Now that means that people will utilize it when they’re working, walking, resting, whatever. And there’s not many mediums out there that give that amazing flexibility and closeness, because truly I do feel that I give my personality. I give everything that is me and authentic on my podcast. So the power of podcasting to me means that you have this a medium that’s super easy to record. You don’t have to sit there, you know, for women put, make upon, look, camera ready, whatever they want to do. You know, you can record this in your pyjamas. If you wanted to. Now obviously for my interviews, which are streaming live on video, that’s not the case, but there is so much flexibility. And no one says, you know, when you have to record it, how many episodes you have to do? You could do a mini series. So podcasting will be something that I see becoming more and more center place.

Something that we have in our lives as a medium, that we are consuming day in, day out. Now I use little snippets to entice people, to kind of listen, and I distribute those through social media. But if you think about where you are and what you want to be doing with your brand and business, when I talk about me being authentic, this is a truly magical moment for me, because for many years I have been, uh, the figurehead, the, uh, center, uh, piece of many businesses. And for instance, I started business consort Academy back in 2005. I’ve got property business, but I have been at the best, kept secret behind many, many global businesses strategies for many, many years. And now is the time where I have decided to change the way I work. So with the agency, I’m going to keep that. Absolutely.

But I’m going to change the way that I show up under my personal brand. And I am launching something super exciting this April, something that I believe that doesn’t even exist in today’s marketplace. And if it does, I haven’t found it yet. There’s definitely room for what I’m launching. And it’s something that for many years I’ve kind of wanted to do, but it’s taken time for the idea to come out in its true power. And what I stand for is how to get businesses, to show up online, how to get businesses to really present themselves powerfully online. And what do I mean by that? Well, I mean, it’s about knowing how to present yourself online, to be eloquent, eloquent, and authentic, and to be elegant. Um, this is about being able to do social media in a way that is comfortable to you in a way that presenting your brand on business online is comfortable to you.

Now you need to subscribe to the podcast because not only do I have some amazing guests coming up, we have got guests from all different walks of life from all over the globe. Who’ve got the most inspiring stories and have had some of the most Epic challenges in life to get there. Now, this isn’t a podcast where we have to show the, the pain and, you know, the, the downfall of someone, you know, to, to actually, you know, show the success. It’s not about that. I do not believe that every single person has to have this dramatical story. You know, there are some people who have started a business who didn’t have to sell it on the back of, you know, this awful, awful drama in their life. And you know, this is something that for many years I’ve seen gurus doing. It’s something that I don’t feel is authentic, unless it’s true.

Now, it’s fine to share your story. If you’ve had some Epic woes and you’ve overcome these challenges, but not always is it about that? It’s about showing up in a way that you can tell your story in a way that’s powerful and meaning, and that you can present yourself online and really, really shine online in a way that suits you. And it’s definitely about being elegant because we’re sick of seeing, I suppose, some of these, um, self-help gurus who are talking about, well, you know, I had this and I came from extreme poverty or whatever it was going to be. There are stories out there that are super powerful and super influential and super interesting that are just stories that are about someone’s successes. And yes, everyone will have had challenges along the way, but this is not the podcast where we want to be dwelling on people’s pain.

We want to be looking at the marketing, the motivation and the mindset, and looking at positive ways to truly, uh, help others and entrepreneurs be successful. So please, please, please subscribe to the podcast. It is Dawn of a new era, and you can find us at DawnMcGruer.com. You can find all the episodes on there, just click subscribe, make sure you do subscribe because you’ll miss out on episodes. And as I say, we’ve got some amazing guests coming up. Now. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode. And you truly see that how powerful podcasts can be. And I hope you will join me in celebrating what I believe to be a pretty Epic milestone in reaching the top 10% in global podcast ranking. And that means that we’ve done a superior job, not just me, but with the help of you guys from subscribing to my podcast that has really, really helped me, um, get my podcast out there. And I am very, very thankful. So thank you. And I hope you will join me and continue the journey with Dawn of a new era, the podcast Chronicles of a serial entrepreneur. And I’ll see you on the next episode for another epic way of looking at your business, because we’ll be joined by a special interview guest.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and don’t forget I’m going to be with you each and every week. So download and listen on DawnMcGruer.com or on iTunes and come and join us in our Facebook community too. All the details are on the website and I’ll see you next week.


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