Ep 60: How to 10 x Your Wealth and Success

Ep 60: How to 10 x Your Wealth and Success

This special episode marks one of the most important moments in my career, as the PowerCircle program officially launches, and you can sign up via the website now.

So in this episode I’m going to cover some useful tips around how you can increase your wealth and success, and why joining the PowerCircle can help you achieve what you want for your business and personal life.

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Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:04} The six pillars of success

{3:45} The power of a marketing agency

{6:27} Bringing a community together

{9:01} Mastering the art of referrals

{11:45} Financial security, from profit to pension

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Dawn McGruer:

So welcome to episode 60 of Dawn of a New Era. And this episode mark’s one of the most special and important moments of my career, as I am bringing you something very special. Because today the new program that I have been working on for the past year is launching, and the Power Circle is coming to town because I have put heart and soul into creating something very special, an online program that has one-to-one coaching. It has accountability, and it has support, something that has been inspired by talking to hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and business owners over the past year. People coming out the pandemic have changed, and I think businesses have changed. And when I’ve looked at the heart of what is working in business, as well as what is not, there are some fundamental elements that I wanted to address. So the Power Circle program was born basically because I wanted to focus on six pillars of success.


The six pillars of success


And these success pillars are presence, promotion, proposition, perception, persuasion, and publicity. A lot of Ps, I know. But this is a model that I have built through the fact that over the past 20 years, I have worked with over 30,000 clients. Now that’s just crazy, isn’t it? And I think when I talk about developing a program that is all about 10 times-ing wealth and success, it sounds too good to be true. But the irony here is, is that I see a lot of people in the online space talking about exactly that, talking about putting 10 times the effort in, doing more and more and more to push your business to the next level. Now I do not believe this is true, and I do not believe it’s possible. I believe that you can 10 times your wealth and success by working smarter, not harder.

And actually in essence, it’s all about decluttering and looking at things like presence. How do you show up online? We are seeing so much social fatigue. We were pushed into online during the pandemic for 18 months. It was like our sole channel of broadcasting. And it’s changed people in the way that they want to appear online. Now, I had clients who were going live once a week, some even once a day, and people were just exhausted by the sheer level of content and obviously being present and being on in the world of social media. So for me, I felt it was important to bring how I work in social media. If you know me, you will know that I set up my academy in 2005. Business Consort Academy delivers marketing courses and also degree-level qualifications. We’re Chartered Institute of Marketing accredited. We are a real life university or college, and we’re regulated.


The power of a marketing agency


Now, why is this important? Well, my business have, well, basically all grown organically. And when I first started my business, my first ever business in 21, 42 now, the reason I started that was that the agency was my passion. Starting a marketing agency was something I wanted to do. And I worked with clients who really harnessed getting them online. If you think back to 2000, this is when the internet began. Google came in at late 1990s, early 2000s, and how businesses who didn’t have a dedicated marketing department, a consultant could utilize this vast power of the internet. Now, as that grew, I started the Virtual Business Partner program for anyone who didn’t have a marketing consultant or an agency.

And for small businesses, this was of the lifeblood. This was the thing that was so important because I was that all-important help and support. I was acting as an extension of their business to drive it forward, to really maximize the growth and scale the success. Now, as it happens, my clients came to me and said, “Dawn, we need accredited training.” And this is how the academy was born, because people wanted something that was regulated. They wanted to know that what they were being taught was the truth, that if they applied these strategies, they would absolutely get guaranteed results. Now, again, everything in my business has been driven organically by my consumers, by their behavior, by their wants, needs and challenges. And this is where the Power Circle came from because it is my expertise and experience over the past 20 years from some of the biggest successes I’ve had to some of the epic fails.

But I know that what I bring to this program is because I’ve lived and breathed setting up, starting four businesses that I’ve pretty much been through most things that business owners have been through or are going through right now. So when I think about my expertise, I have worked in marketing and driving campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands over the past 20 years. And this is the time now where I want to bring it to entrepreneurs, and the Power Circle encompasses just that.

Now, if you want to find out more about the Power Circle, you can go to dawnmcgruer.com and look at the Power Circle program. It’s open, and it will close. If you’re listening to this on a replay, you’ll have to join the wait list if it’s past the 27th of September, 2021. And we will reopen, obviously, next year. But the aim of this program is to clarify your purpose, your mission, and your vision for your future, and to develop the actions to get the results that you actually want.


Bringing a community together


So the biggest thing I can tell you here is that this is community led. This is all about bringing community together, bringing coaches together, and bringing, obviously, the learning. It’s all taught live. And you’ll be part of this community where you’ve got the guidance of powerful leaders and achievers. There’s actually 14 people on the panel, 13 plus me, making 14. And these are some of the world’s smartest minds that you’re going to enjoy the support and mentoring from. And the essence of the program here is that I want my clients who are part of this to feel truly empowered, to be powerfully present in all areas of your life. And the thing is, is that if the clients are present in all areas of their life and you are, and you lead the life that you want and deserve, then we’ve done the job. Because success is relative to you, right?

I think I’m a bit done in the online space about hearing four, five, six, seven, eight-figure businesses. Let’s get real. The essence of business is that it has to be profitable. So the focus for me is that as long as your business is sustainable and profitable, that is a success in itself. How you want that business to look is designed by you. And one of the things that we hold very strong and true in the program is designing your perfect day to align it to your perfect business model. Because I don’t believe that there is any such thing as work-life balance, but you can live a balanced life. And this has to encompass making sure that when you started your business, you had a mission and a vision. You had a bigger why that your day and your business model is aligned to achieving that. Because very often it’s not money led.

Money gives choices, but when you started your business, was it freedom? Was it flexibility? What did you want to do? Did you want to take Fridays off? Did you want to work three days a week? Whatever is at the heart of what you want, your true desires, you have to have these aspirational goals, but they have to feel truly achievable. And this is really what the Power Circle does because it takes those goals and breaks them down and starts looking at how we can make that happen. Not just on a year yearly basis, monthly basis, it’s really drilling it down to the basics of what should your day look like so that your business model and your day are singing together, they’re working in harmony and they’re bouncing off each other, and this is causing a ripple effect.


Mastering the art of referrals


Because we will cover everything from your online presence, how to build powerful networks and communities to generate clients and collaborations. We will look at how do you master the art of online referrals and affiliate partnerships. And drilling even deeper into that, when we look at your whole proposition, we want to be creating strong and successful brands and business models, as well as how do we create the need, the urgency and the trust for your proposition so that you have this really strong, persuasive value proposition that helps companies grow and convert.

And the essence here is how do you have the ability and the time and the resources to build and scale your business in a way that you’re attracting leads every day, that you are converting clients, that you’re attracting your ideal client. And it’s all about accelerating your status, your sales and success. We look at amplifying your reach through storytelling and content, a biggie, because we know that when you start to elevate yourself into respect, a position of power, it’s nothing to do with arrogance, but it’s about having a vision and a mission that deserves to gain the influence and authority and ascendancy that you deserve.

And I think when we look at things like the selling and conversion within business, we will address the psychology of persuasion and communication, something that I’m really passionate about. Because what I love here is that when you are sitting in a business meeting, what is someone else thinking? When you’re face to face with someone and you’ve done a pitch, what’s their thoughts? Are they in the mood for buying? Are they feeling that it’s not for them? And we have someone who is called the face whisperer, who is covering all of these aspects of how to read someone’s emotions through their face. And the profit-first principles, anyone who knows anything about the profit-first principles and the path to profitability, we are breaking down the fact that sometimes in business, we’re caught up with the hum drum of what business tasks we have to do.

And sometimes it’s easy to take your eye off the ball and stop looking at profitability. And we harness this in the program by looking at easy principles, things that are easy to implement in your business, like saving and selling every day, and looking at the whole profit of the business. Because remember, revenue is vanity, margin is sanity and cash is king. So thinking about how you’re going to present yourself as a leader, because it’s not about the numbers. What I truly believe in is that you can have a quality network that is not massive, but is really meaningful. And we want you as a client to stand out from the crowd. Business owners want to be making ripples and being memorable. But how do you do that authentically in a way that feels comfortable to you?


Financial security, from profit to pension


And again, we have some amazing experts that will be empowering clients to do this. Again, on the program, we look at how to increase your wealth and worth. There’s two aspects here. There’s everything from your pricing, looking at what you should be charging, through to actually positioning your long-term goals through to retirement. Will you have enough money? How will you make sure you’ve got the right savings, the right pensions? What should you be doing? And quick, easy tips that you can can start doing now to plan for the future.

Now, last but not least, this is one of the, the most exciting elements of the program. It’s all about digital dominance through social selling and speaking. Now, I became a speaker professionally a few years ago, and I won Best Female Speaker in 2018. Now I was petrified of speaking on stage ever since I go back to like in my 20s when my boss kind of popped me on the spot and made me present about something I knew nothing about. And the fear was real. And I got over that. And we are going to go through some techniques about how you can obviously position yourself on webinars, masterclass, public speaking, whatever you want to be doing, even video.

Now, when we talk about digital dominance, I don’t mean digital dominance in a sort of an arrogant way. I’m talking about when we hear the word influencer. Influencers to me is something that is banded around far too often. And if we look at influencers out there, what we perceive influencers to be, about 85% of them are actually translating that into any revenue for their businesses. So let’s think about it. What is deemed an influencer? And sadly, some of the world’s most amazing people in this world will go unknown to the majority of the population in their entire life.

That’s quite sad. Human beings are social creatures that are programed to connect deeply with those in our pack. And influencer marketing is effective because it capitalizes on most natural tendencies and our emotions and desires. So it’s word of mouth at scale, and where people listen to those they trust and those that they can understand the stories. People who are storytelling, people will buy into that. It’s about how you position yourself, how you carve out your niche for you as an expert in your own field. You don’t need to be an influencer in all things, but you need to be having an impact in your own world.

So we look at the psychological details, such as natural emotions, fear of missing out. We’ve all fallen for FOMO. We look at caring, relationship building, which positions you as an influencer. So the key here is about stepping away from projecting, posting, and broadcasting what you think people want to hear, and moving more into this participating and engaging way that is really going to deepen relationships with your connections.

So the Power Circle, as I say, focuses on the six powerful steps. If it sounds like something that you would like to be part of, then come and find out more dawnmcgruer.com. But if you are ready to be powerfully present in all areas of your life and create wealth and success, both personally and professionally, then this is a hundred percent for you, because we will not only talk to you about those six powerful ways to 10 times your wealth and success, I will be bringing to the program my three core essential elements, which are marketing, motivation, and mindset. These are all very important because as with any program, as you are learning something, we need to be thinking about the challenges, the blocks, and we need to be doing some of that work as we are doing the program. And this is exactly why our coaches and our panel of experts are there on hand to help.

Now, if you would like to download a copy of my guide that you can find out a little bit more about, you can head on over to dawnmcgruer.com. In that guide, you can do some practical exercises and start plotting out where you want to be and where your business needs to be. And hopefully, I will see you in the Power Circle program. Now, if you’ve got any questions, head on over to the site. And don’t forget, you can connect with me on all of the social platforms and get in touch with me and the team as soon as you land on the website. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you will join me in celebrating a very monumental day. And I hope we will see you inside the Power Circle.


Thank you for listening to Dawn of a New Era Podcast. And for your free checklist to find out how to boost your business for growth, profit, and success, and join our community, go to dawnmcgruer.com.


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Multi-award-winning speaker, strategist & best-selling author of Dynamic Digital Marketing - Helping to inspire entrepreneurs to rise to meet today’s challenges and be powerfully present to shine online.

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