September 2023 Schedule

Schedule for Growth Coach Certification


Every Monday at 10am from 18th September until 4th November 2023 - Add to Calendar

Please Note: To obtain the certification you need to have a minimum of 95% live attendance - If you are a team joining remember to contact Amber for your zoom room link. We have 6 people per group and in this cohort 4 groups running for the next 12 weeks this will keep the sessions interactive and you’ll be added to a WhatsApp group with your other group members. You’ll have 9 x sessions in total with Dawn and 3 x will be with your dedicated coaches (2nd & 23rd Oct & 13th Nov) and your graduation will be on 4th December 2023.

Q & A Sessions

Coaching Pods

We will be performing interactive group demo sessions within the workshops in addition to your practice pods

You will also need to book your own Coaching Pod Sessions to practise with other coaches as well as getting feedback too - This also helps build your coaching hours (60 required for full accreditation) - You will receive a link to book these in when you start the course 🙂 

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring 

Please book 1 x session each month for September, October and November - We suggest booking sessions mid to end of the month BOOK YOUR 1:1


You will graduate on the 4th December 2023 and you can choose to continue onto full accreditation at that point.

Online Learning Portal 

You can access all the information regarding your course here in the online learning portal You will have received login details in a separate email. Any problems just select the forgotten password to reset.

Assessment & Feedback 

You will be assessed throughout the certification with post module quizzes and through supervised coaching pods plus you will submit a final recorded coaching session for feedback as well as attending a 1:1 live skills assessment and we will issue a link to book as soon as you've completed you've had feedback from your recorded session.

  • If you can't attend any of the live sessions you must advise in advance and you can catch up on the recording through our online portal.


Our team are on hand 5 days a week to help - and you can contact our client experience manager with any queries or questions about your course and resources.

You can also contact us directly through your online learning portal and through our WhatsApp Support & Accountability Group and Facebook Group.