Let Me Teach You How To Raise Your Authority, Grow Your Influence, so you can SCALE YOUR BUSINESS FASTER than ever before


Dawn’s helped her clients make more than £45 million building their businesses.

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Clients sign up for The POWERCIRCLE™ Elite Mastermind because...

You know you can achieve more, but your are stuck because you don’t know the exact steps and strategy that’s going help you scale…You are tired of spending time on things that don’t work…..You want to grow and scale your business through being seen, found and noticed quicker and turn your connections into clients whilst spending less time, effort and money on marketing….STOP trying to do it alone – I’m here to support you!


“She is a font of knowledge and is very generous in everything she knows, she shares every little tip that she has learnt along the way!”

“I started to see and feel changes about our marketing strategy almost immediately which has saved us quite a lot of time and money already but my biggest achievement so far has been in my confidence in myself”

“I should have done this a long time ago because already I have done things I never thought possible in just 2 weeks”

12-MONTH BUSINESS & MINDSET MASTERMIND is designed specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level so they can make more money, have a bigger impact and create the life of their dreams.


Come together to support each other’s growth personally and professionally


Be held accountable and. But most importantly know you have Dawn, her team and all your fellow Masterminders experience and support!


VIP Invite to Dawn’s Luxury Strategise & Energise 5-Day Retreat in Marrakech


The mastermind is about really ramping up your aspirational goals and pushing for a remarkable shift in your business and personal life.

We want to create enriching and inspiring experiences across all areas of your life and open doors that attract opportunities you could never have dreamed of.

Our meetups will be in outstanding and lavish venues so be prepared to invigorate some serious ideas about your future.

You’ll be invited as our VIP Guest to Dawn’s Luxury Strategise & Energise 5-Day Retreat in Marrakech in March 2022

The POWER CIRCLE™ Mastermind is right for YOU if…

YOU feel you need 1:1 support specific to YOU and YOUR journey to really deep-dive some challenges, ideas and next steps to nail your success strategy.

YOU know that you need more accountability (and motivating) when it comes to creating, implementing and driving your strategy forward to move your business to the next level.

YOU want to spend a few days away from your business to work on your business in luxury surroundings and work with Dawn across the Strategise & Energise Retreat in Marrakech (3 days working with Dawn plus you have a day either side to travel, chill, shop or sightsee).

YOU want longer-term support to ensure you take action and implement to really get results – fast!

YOU want access to contacts, collaborators and a community of inspiring minds and leaders to help you build a power network of your own.

YOU want someone to actually facilitate your goals into reality – we aim to work with you on your big 3 objectives and make them happen!

YOU like the idea of having your business showcased to a hugely powerful 5 million strong network.

We make a promise to YOU that in this mastermind we will create an experience that you will never forget

It will be tough, it will take you out of your comfort zone but it will make you dream big, work hard and together we will make it happen.

Being part of our POWER CIRCLE™ Mastermind will take dedication, effort and absolute determination…no back seat observers but action-takers only.

We will push you hard and this is about transforming your brand and business to escalate your positioning beyond the mediocre.

We want big wins, big results and it will NOT be easy. It will be life-changing if you want it enough but put simply if you want mediocre then you are in the wrong place.

So, you have to be ready to really stand proud, stand tall, be seen, be courageous and most of all be authentic to what your purpose is and leave a lasting legacy.



Work with me and my team in this world class 12-month mastermind. You’ll be mentored personally by me 1:1 and weekly via our group session. You’ll be able to ask me all your questions and have them answered!


When entrepreneurs and business owners want to be seen as a powerful influencer in their industry then Dawn McGruer is the global digital influencer they turn to.

For the past 20 years Dawn has been the secret strategist behind some of the world’s largest brands and multi- million campaigns.

She has helped over 30,00 clients develop their digital marketing scales to scale and grow their business.

She is the Best-Selling Author of Dynamic Digital Marketing, Award-Winning Speaker and International Business Strategist.

With over 5 millions subscribers and an enviable online presence she has created an experience for her clients like no other.

The POWERCIRCLE™ Elite Mastermind is designed to empower entrepreneurs to recognise the results of authority, ascendancy and influence can bring to 10 x their brand and business.


Your 100% Commitment to the Mastermind & it’s Members. Then choose to make savings if you pay in full, or spread your investment.

SAVE £3000

Investment In Full


1 x 1:1 Personal Strategy Sessions With Dawn

Marrakech Luxury Retreat

1 x VIP Elite Strategy Day in UK

12-Month Mastermind

POWERCIRCLE™ Online 6-Module Programme

Private Elite Community

Group Mentoring with Dawn & Experts

Inner-Circle Access

Promotional Spotlight



£1,500 per month
for 12 MONTHS

1 x 1:1 Personal Strategy Sessions With Dawn

Marrakech Luxury Retreat

1 x VIP Elite Strategy Day in UK

12-Month Mastermind

POWERCIRCLE™ Online 6-Module Programme

Private Elite Community

Group Mentoring with Dawn & Experts

Inner-Circle Access

Promotional Spotlight


The POWERCIRCLE™ Mastermind is a holistic approach to creating a successful, sustainable and profitable personal and professional world.

A life in balance about what is important and doing what you love, not what you feel you should be doing.

Stripping back the basics and looking at what makes us fulfilled which is different to every single person.

The principles that make up the POWERCIRCLE™ Elite Mastermind are what makes it unique because this isn’t about selling a dream, it is about making it happen.

This is not one size fits all as each step of the mastermind is focused around a result driven solution whereby, we develop a bespoke ‘client wealth and success strategy’ geared to achieve their own specific personal and professional goals.

well being









We have our own bespoke specialist team of experts on hand to delve deep into aspects of your life, beliefs and self-worth that will be uncomfortable but these are the hidden doors that will unlock a future so special that it will be worth it.

It’s about really stepping into the true you, the best version of you, the version that makes you content from deep within.

The version that excites you every day you wake and continues to surprise you each and every day opening the door to opportunity, welcoming growth and fulfilment and ultimately wealth in all areas of your life.

We want clients to develop a positioning that attracts such exciting opportunities that you could never ever have planned or wished for.


Discovery Welcome Pack

VIP Place on Dawn’s Luxury Strategise & Energise Retreat in Marrakesh 

1 x 1:1 60 min Personalised Power Surge Strategy Sessions with Dawn 

2 x Group Mentoring + Q & A Calls a Month 

1 x In-Person Strategy Day Meet-Up in the UK 

Slack Channel (1:1 with Dawn) & Dedicated Topic Groups 

POWERCIRCLE™ Online 6-Module Training Programme 

Private Elite Community Facebook Group 

Dedicated Coaches & Access to our Panel of Experts 

Promotional Spotlight to Dawn’s 5 Million Strong Network VIP 

Access to Dawn’s Inner-Circle – Exclusive Collaboration & Opportunities 


Ready To Raise Your Authority, Grow Your Influence So You Can SCALE YOUR BUSINESS FASTER Than Ever Before?

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