The Growth Coach App & 30-Day Growth Challenge

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The Growth Coach App is designed to accelerate growth and performance to reach your true and maximum potential.

Think of this app like a roadmap to rapidly achieve your goals and reclaim time, fun and freedom in your life

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Learn how the world’s most successful people achieve the ultimate in health, wealth and happiness.

The Growth Coach App™ - Our 30-Day Challenge will revolutionise your growth, success & performance

The Growth Coach App


The Growth Coach App is designed for use in your daily life, professional career, business or help your clients reach their true and maximum potential.


The 30-day growth challenge is aimed at helping you with career or business acceleration or changes, life planning, making fundamental behaviour and mindset changes, and overcoming major life setbacks. 


There are daily videos throughout the challenge which include exercises that take a few minutes a day that are aimed at optimising both your physical and mental performance. 


Our aim is to guide you through negative emotions and energy, and help you be more active, avoid burnout and stress-related issues, and empower you to make game-changing decisions and take positive actions.


Think of this app like a roadmap to rapidly achieve your goals and reclaim time, fun and freedom in your life


You will be able to track your progress and assess your efforts to create and modify the best game plan, with daily check-ins to monitor your mindset, motivation, physical health and wellbeing and other factors that can influence your performance.

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Get started with the 30-Day Growth Challenge and learn how the world’s most successful people achieve the ultimate in health, wealth and happiness.. 

You’ll be learning all about the neuroscience behind how daily habits can achieve big results and how small steady steps really do build momentum.

FREE SAMPLE - WATCH DAY 1 OF THE CHALLENGE: Neuroscience and Psychology Behind Habits

42 x Bite Size Videos - Only a few minutes a day with easy actionable tasks for immediate growth with daily check-in trackers and interactive community



  • FREE 30-DAY Growth Challenge Module Find out more about the 30-Day Growth challenge and the Growth Coach App™


  • FREE Personalised 'Business Growth Report' - Discover 5 Secrets to a Successful Booked-Out Business to Scale with Less Stress, More Fun & Freedom - Includes customised action steps!


  • FREE Audio Series - Over 100 Episodes of 'Dawn of a New Era' - Top 3% Global Ranking Podcast covering all things marketing, motivation & mindset.
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On average challenge takers see at least a 20% improvement in 30 days


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The Challenge will help you create the best game plan for your life and / or business through daily videos covering factors that can influence your performance with exercises to boost your mindset, motivation, physical health and wellbeing .

We will share tactics and tools to empower you to make game-changing decisions and take positive actions.

You can take it again and again and join LIVE monthly challenges and choose a new goal each time to keep growing your success and performance.

We have created our 30-day challenge for busy lifestyles so rest assured we have made it super simple to get started, easy to access and very interactive.

You’ll get daily growth guidance from me personally, through videos and the community and I will be with you guiding you through each step and daily actions. 

Learn Neuroscience Strategies That’ll Skyrocket Your Sales & Success


Each day you can use the interactive community channels to keep yourself accountable, inspire others and get help and support throughout our LIVE monthly challenges or choose to go at your own pace. 

There are 7 channels where you can introduce yourself, find an accountability buddy, share your growth goal, ask questions, share your own growth tips and tricks, daily video insights and takeaways and celebrate wins throughout the challenge

You can choose to find an accountability buddy too if you like to have the support of someone else in the challenge too.

The challenge really focuses on 3 core aspects across your mind, body and soul and you’ll begin to notice subtle changes in how you feel as you become more consciously aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Because you will be working towards your one personalised goal the challenge is designed to accelerate your results through daily actions.

The fabulous news is this could be life changing for YOU - it certainly has for many others.

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Expect to see changes across mindset & motivation in a matter of days


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Before you start you will complete the initial growth score assessment (this will help you set a goal for the challenge) as well as on completion so you can see your improvement.

You'll score yourself across 10 pillars for Growth & Success: Goals, Time, Knowledge & Wisdom, Communication, Wealth, Self-Development, Mindset, Health, Relationships & Happiness.

You’ll also really love our quick easy daily mind, body and soul check-in progress trackers and journaling tool too. You’ll be able to see improvements and highlight any areas that need your focus which will really help fast track your growth and self awareness every step of the way.

You’ll get daily notifications too that’ll keep you motivated, focused and on track and make sure you are up to date on all your tasks. 

You will be setting your own goals around the 10 Pillars for Growth & Success and you will be tracking improvements throughout.

The pillars you will be learning about and assessed against are; 

  1. Goals
  2. Time
  3. Knowledge & Wisdom
  4. Communication
  5. Wealth
  6. Self-Development
  7. Mindset
  8. Health 
  9. Relationships
  10. Happiness

I'm Dawn McGruer - The Business Growth Coach®

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I'm an award-winning Digital Marketing Author, Speaker, Strategist & Trainer & Top 3% Global Ranking Podcaster.


Over the past 20 years I have worked with over 30,000 clients and helped them make more than £45 million building their business.


I started my first business at the age of 21, was mortgage free by 33.

On average my clients achieve a 20% increase in sales within 30 days of working with me and on money mapping days see average savings of £50K+ and opportunities to double and sometime triple their business income whilst spending less time, effort and money on their marketing.


Not only was the whole experience amazing but the knowledge has Dawn has to allow you to visually see all areas of your business and identify opportunities

Multi -Award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Therapist & Coach

Within an hour Dawn had mapped out an immediate £150K extra in my business!

Founder of Kiss #1 Aesthetics Wholesale and Training Academy in the UK