Inspiring. Funny. Engaging.

Words her audience regularly use to describe her digital marketing keynote speeches.


What do I talk about as a marketing keynote?

In my presentations, I draw on my 20 years of experience as a marketer, entrepreneur, and trainer

  • I motivate people to accelerate their success and achieve their dreams
  • I help empower brands and businesses to establish a powerful online presence
  • I can help revolutionise the way you market and boost your profits!
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Upcoming Events.

9-11th Feb / 22nd-24th Jun / 9-11th Nov 2021

Online Fast Track Digital Marketing


9th - 11th Mar / 8-11th Jun / 13-15th Oct 2021

Fast Track Digital Marketing


2-4th Mar / 15-17th Jun / 5-7th Oct 2021

Fast Track Digital Marketing