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Caroline Strawson

Multi -Award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Therapist & Coach

VIP Money Mapping Strategy Day

Not only was the whole experience amazing but the knowledge has Dawn has to allow you to visually see all areas of your business and identify opportunities

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Antonia Knowles

Founder of Kiss #1 Aesthetics Wholesale and Training

Completed Growth Coaching Certification

Gained her confidence & love in coaching plus overcame imposter syndrome to impact the lives of her clients & scale her business

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Jasmina Connelly

The Best Body Sculpting - Lymphatic drainage trainer in the UK

Group VIP Strategy Day

I left with a strategy in place, and the realisation that building a large Instagram following or complex sales funnels isn't always necessary. Thank you for helping me take my business to the next level

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Vicky Owens

2024 Top 100 Marketers Founder & CEO Socially Speaking Media & Socially Speaking Academy

Success From Your Soul Mastermind

We have such a clear business plan and every question I had has been met with a solution

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Laura Burnett

Systems & Marketing Tech Specialist for 6 & 7 Figure Coaches

Success From Your Soul Mastermind

I have already had a 30% increase in income in my first month.

I am now aiming to double it for sure in the next 90 days

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Chris Hallett

CEO & Coach at Wave Communications Group

Growth Coaching Certification

My biggest breakthrough has been self belief, creating a robust business model & offer. Dawn’s coaching and mentoring is 1st class & free from hype & empty promise.

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Heidi Setchfield

The Virtual Operations Manager

Success From Your Soul Mastermind

It's one of the best investments I have made, I have tripled my income with a goal to double that in the next 12 months. Dawn is straightforward with no fluff & knows when to push you out of your comfort zone (in a fun way)

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Dr. Alka Patel

The Health Hacktivation Doctor

£100k Challenge

Knowing what to do each and every day is AMAZING!

I've never looked at my figures in such detail and focused so specifically on achieving a financial goal

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Brooke Bownes

Accredited trauma informed coach and hypnotherapist

Retreat, £100k Challenge & 6-Week Accelerator

Thank you for all the help you have given me so far you've had a massive impact on mu business, mindset and life.

Almost hit my highest EVER annual revenue, in just 14 days!!

Lynsay Gould

CEO Podcast Boutique

Success From Your Soul Mastermind

Since working with Dawn I have doubled my recurring revenue in 16 weeks & then went on to double my sales revenue within 6-months. I am on track to increase my revenue by a further 50% in the next 90 days

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Geraldine Spurway

Social Strategy Coaching

Social Strategy Coaching

Dawn’s passion for helping others succeed is second to none. She is amazing at what she does. Being coached by Dawn has been a great experience, her energy is so positive, plus she cares! She is truly an inspiration to anyone wanting to grow in the online space!

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Holly Wood

The Flourish Mentor®️

VIP Coaching Programme

Throughout Dawn’s coaching, I received insights into business & strategy that helped me not only grow in confidence as a business owner, but enabled me to develop my offering. She is a hands-on coach and mentor and she gives specific, actionable advice and the personalisation of her approach is worth its weight in gold.


Success From Your Soul Retreat

Initially I felt very anxious about what it would be like as well as meeting people I didn't know. But it was an absolute eye opener for me, because it was the coming together of hearts and minds, like-minded people discussing their business challenges and objectives. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Victoria Canham

Success From Your Soul Retreat

The last two years have been especially hard for me mentally and this retreat came along at exactly the right time, just as the fog was beginning to lift. The retreat was extremely well organised and I had a great deal of fun, with a wonderful group of entrepreneurs. Fun for me is key to being in business and this retreat augmented that.



Success From Your Soul Retreat

Spending time with Dawn is always fun but coming on the retreats is another level. No matter what your experience in business, there is always a new insight other people bring to the table. The power of collective including Dawn's wealth of knowledge and experience. You arrives as strangers and come away with lifelong friendships.

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Carl Lowe

CEO of CloudFusion

VIP Strategy Day

The challenge was we were getting traffic to the website but not seeing a successful conversion nor driving the correct size client to the business.

Goals I wanted to achieve was to get a better understanding of how to change this from a marketing point of view and gain knowledge of what and how to change this as was so far in the woods I couldn’t see the trees.

Working with Dawn was so insightful, and refreshing and gave me the ability to rethink, refocus and then have a plan to execute to make positive changes to get the desired results.

The results to date have been exceptional with the quality of lead and size of opportunity increasing dramatically but all given the business a positive change to enable us to get to the next level.


Lisa Dickson

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