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Work to live or live to work? On average, we spend a third of our lives at work – 90,000 hours, to be exact – yet many of us still struggle to meet our personal goals and achieve financial success. Not anymore. Now you can turn your passion into profit with insights from thought leader, author, public speaker and award-winning Digital Marketing expert, Dawn McGruer.

To be published by Wiley, Dawn will be releasing a brand new digital marketing book on how to market your business online in Autumn 2019. With tips on maximising online visibility for products and services, her knowledge and expertise is the perfect hands-on guide for any entrepreneur looking to take advantage of the benefits that the digital marketplace can offer.

Determined to be creative and turn her tech passion and savvy into profit, Dawn launched her business with a £5,000 loan from The Price’s Trust aged just 21. Presently based in Cheshire near the thriving media community of Manchester, Dawn has gone from strength to strength and now ranks consistently at No.1 in her industry on LinkedIn by the network’s Social Selling Index. In 2005 she launched Business Consort – a social media and marketing training academy for entrepreneurs which, to date, has gained over 5 million subscribers and has already trained 15,000 professionals locally. Her first book, Character Building – an anthology of uplifting poems and short stories – even persuaded celebrities such as Phillip Schofield and Anthea Turner to contribute. Dawn also gained the rights to include Rudyard Kipling in the collection too.

“Dawn combined the what and how of Digital Marketing in perfect symphony. As a result of her guidance and class training, I’ve become a Certified Professional and secured my first 6-figure contract with a major Swiss company.” Darius Ward.

Her new book – Dynamic Digital Marketing: Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals and Maximise Your Profits to Grow Your Business – will reveal key social media and marketing tips to help un-baffle the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), artificial intelligence, influencers, YouTube, audiences and the ever-important followers. Combining business acumen with the psychology of tech and marketing, it will offer expertise on everything from going viral to being more effective and profitable online.

“Sending messages into the stratosphere is all very well but do you actually know if they reach the customers interested in your product or service? Customers demand more from brands in today’s world. As millennials screen out any advertising and select their interest through algorithms, you need to step up your game to keep up and become qualified for the future digital world.” Award-winning Digital Marketer – Dawn McGruer.

This book couldn’t come at a better time. Digital skills are now a mainstream phenomenon, yet the digital skills gap is still costing the UK £63 billion a year in lost GDP. Whilst younger generations are fully immersed in knowledge of online brand communication, the ageing population is becoming increasingly isolated and missing the opportunities that operating online could open up for them.

There is no doubt that the future is digital. With its power to connect people and drive innovation, it’s no surprise that Damain Hinds, Education Secretary, recently advised schools that they need to prepare young people for the digital revolution and bridge the skills gap that currently exists.

Both EY and Tech North recently reported that although over 700,000 digital tech vacancies were posted over the last three years, they were still less likely to be filled than other tech-free roles, despite the average salary being 48% higher across.

If you want to up-skill, feel more informed and take advantage of these opportunities, then this go-to manual will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to navigate the digital marketing age. This direct marketing manual will teach you more about what you know and lift the lid on the things you don’t, from key strategies for nailing down social media and reaching the top of search engines to demystifying the jargon of analytics and making sense of social contest strategies. There are also practical tips for avoiding the pitfalls of data and security risks as well as potential infringements.

Dawn McGruer is a Digital Marketing Influencer, a public speaker, author and award-winning expert. She is available for keynote speeches and events that aim to inform communities about working online and preparing for a digital future.

The book can be purchased through Dawn’s websitewww.dawnmcgruer.com/digital-marketing-book or at Wiley.com

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